by Eren Kampman

Better late than never right? We’re just about at the end of ramp season, but I had to sneak in this recipe. Spaghetti with Ramps is a tasty, quick weeknight dish. If you don’t have ramps, simply sub in a few cloves of minced garlic and your favorite greens.


Ramps are wild baby leeks. The bottoms look a bit like scallion bottoms and on top, there are beautiful, delicate green leaves. Raw ramps have a very strong garlicky-onion flavor, which mellows out quite a bit when they’re cooked. If you want to experience some intense ramp flavor, try out my pesto recipe!

Ramps are available in some areas of the US for about 4-6 weeks between late April and early June. So yeah, this recipe is a bit on the late side…


Spaghetti and ramps is perfect for a weeknight meal. It takes no time to prepare and you only need a handful of ingredients to put this together. Pasta, ramps, lemons and good quality parmesan are basically all it takes. And a little hot red pepper if like a kick.

If you can’t find ramps, this pasta would be great with a combo of garlic and spinach or kale or chard or even broccoli rabe. Actually asparagus would be great too, so don’t get tripped up if ramps are off your radar. Happy cooking.

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